Kenzania Workshops

Kenzania is currently contracting with four different sewing /craft shops in Kenya and Tanzania



In Kenya, we produce beaded belts and girl’s boxer shorts. The belts and beaded items are made by Samburu women. The money they earn from selling their products allows them to earn an income while working at home and raising their families. Because women are expected to do all household chores, they often are unable to travel to earn an income. Providing jobs which can be done in their villages allows women to send their children to schools as well as pay for medical attention when needed.The girl’s boxer shorts are made by sewers in a small workshop in central Kenya. The organization employing the sewers is committed to employing people in rural areas of Kenya.

The Neema Beach Bag is sewn in Iringa, Tanzania at a shop which employs and trains disabled people


The Robes, Billboard  bags and tablecloths are made in a small (10 employees) shop in Dar es Salaam, Tanznaia and managed by a woman who is commited to the philosophy of no waste.  These employees are readily employed with a good working environment and fare wages.

The lined baskets and big kitenge beach bags are made in Iringa, Tanzania by a shop which trains and employs over 100 people. Some of these  people work in satellite locations again allowing them to earn an income when they may physically be unable to travel. Their  motto is “Changing the lives of people with disabilites in Tanzania, through training & employment.”

The majority of the clothing is made in a small workshop in Dar es Salaam. Since the beginning of Kenzania, production has moved three times however our main tailor, Patrick Wafulu has moved with us. The most recent move was  to a small workshop on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. I am proud of Patrick and his eagerness to be successful. Patrick is from Nairobi and travels home when time permits to see his wife and children.

Patrick Wafalu and the new workshop he has built in Dar es Salaam with Kenzania owner Margie Springer.  They are both proud of this new business!
Kenzania’s blouses, skirts and tunics are sewn in a small factory in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and overseen by our main taylor, Patrick Wafalu from Nairobi, Kenya